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In the bedroom an armchair, a side locker and a small wardrobe the only furniture, the wardrobe held my dress, and its jacket, my untouched purse, sho...s, my small case, my leather bra, and my beautifully washed and folded nickers and none of which had I either seen placed there or remember unpacking! I knew I definitely had not washed anything. So that was all very strange. There was no clock in the whole place so when Nella returned with a tray of lovely fry`s, a perfect egg, dainty bread and. I was always curious just what a couple of dyke bitches did with each other.She placed her hands to the side of my face and gently placed her lips to mine. I have never before felt such a soft kiss, yet it had more effect on me than any I had had before. The next kiss was just a bit harder yet it also was soft and full of passion. I felt each of her kisses throughout my whole body.I placed my arms around her and I felt my nipples against her's. I couldn't believe how sensitive they were.. "Karen said, "I got your train of thought. They trace the call, and the cops will show up. It can work. Great thinking Sam. Get both phones. Itwill double our chances of it working."Sure enough, Dan came to muck out the barn. He let us out. Amy startedto moo. We all joined in the mooing Anne and Karen had Dan pinned. Amygot the cell phone and dialed 911. Beth knocked the receiver of thewall phone. She picked up a pen with her teeth and dialed 911. She keptrepeating into the phone, "Being held. I walk back around him, point to the other bed with the paddle and give him the signal for 'elbows and knees at the point, chest down, ass raised'. This is the spanking position, but it is also the position for 'milking' a 'male cow', masturbating a man to orgasm while massaging his prostate in a humiliating position of compliance. When he complies, I get behind him again and tap his inner thighs with the paddle to make him spread his legs further. I take a photo with Lini's cell phone. His.

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