When I was massaging her hip I went too far and opened her butt cheeks and fingered her ass hole. She didn’t say anything. This reminded me of the b...s incident. Then for 5-10 mins, I only massaged her ass & ass hole but didn’t dare to go to her pussy.After 5 more mins I realized what I was doing, she was almost naked moaning on my fingering. I stopped myself and covered her ass with her panty and gave her t-shirt to wear.I went to wash my hands. She understood that I m not going to do anything. I couldn't believe that this sexy young woman was laying in front of me. I had longed to taste her for months and now was my chance. I started at her ankle, kissing and dragging my tongue up her leg, up to her skirt line as she pulled it up and out of the way for me. I wanted to rush to her gorgeous shaved pussy and plunge my tongue in to her, but as excited as I was, I continued moving slowly up her inner thigh. I paused for a moment, flicking my tongue back and forth just under her gorgeous. It played on my mind for a couple of days, upsetting me.One day I was just leaving our home to do a bit of a shop when I saw couple of these lads, I was asked if I was going to be doing a bit of sunbathing later as it was a nice day. I did not answer, I just walked on.For some reason it would pop into my head now and again, I so wanted to get back into my gardening, to sunbath, just to have my everyday life back.The weekend was here so I decided that next week I would go back into the garden no. She sounded truthful in the midst of her ire."I don't have time for this shit! I'm late!"She stepped outside and pulled the front door shut behind her."But..." Jason's in the hospital. He's sick or something stupid. It's because of him that I'm late for a slumber party." What happened?" I asked with concern."I don't have time for this!" But I'm supposed to stay here tonight." I was beginning to feel anxiety."Well, duh! It's not happening. My parents are with him at the hospital." But my mom is.

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