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I walked forward through the hallway, and stopped at the end and listened. It sounded like someone was sobbing or crying softly. I stepped into the ro...m and saw Stacey sitting at a banquet table with a couple of candles lite, some music playing and all the lights in the back off.I said Stacey are you ok. She jumped up asking who was there. I said it was me Thom, you remember I call you telling you that I was on my way over to drop off these papers to Rusty.She said O O yea sorry I forgot. I. She moaned as we kissed, pleasured by the pain in her nipples.I reached up, grabbed Kristin by the throat, and forced her down on her back. While keeping my hand on her neck, I forced her legs open and slapped her pussy through her pajama shorts. Her pussy juices had already soaked through her shorts but this rough treatment was really getting her juices going now. I forced her shorts off, exposing Kristin’s perfectly shaved pussy. Her clit was swollen, begging for attention, and pussy juice. (Usually anyone is available to be fucked by anyone in their house, unless that person’s door is shut, which signifies privacy.) We laid beside each other on his bed, and just talked. Talked about life in OK, life in his very interesting family, things like that… all while absent mindedly stroking each other. “Max?” “Mhm, Snowball?” “You think you’re ready to cum again?” Now, I had cum buckets into my bf’s tight boypussy during our life changing fuck in his parent’s car… but I had not cum for. Semij uparu dudha jana paduthila size bodhe 32 haba. Then pant bi kholidela au blue panty pindhithila. Then mo upare asi soila mu tale soithili. Au mo othaku kamudila kiss kala pageli pari. Au gote hatare mo banda ku sal sal karuthae, then mo hata nei ta dudha upare rakhila au mo hata dhari nija dudha ku chipila. Then semij bi kholi dela.Ta dudha bahut gora au bhundi brown colour ra, then se tike uparaku as eta dudha mo pati sidha rakhila au kahila bhundi ku patire pureiba pain. Mu bi same kali.

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