..I arrived back on the ship early evening about just over an hour beforeit was due to pick up anchor and head for our next port of call. I had,had a ...leasant afternoon wandering the cobbled streets. I had evenbought myself a couple of blouses and a leather skirt which was at areally low cost compared with what I had seen in UK shops. When the heathad got too much I had sat by a small caf? ordered a cool glass of wineand smoked one of my VS cigarettes watching the world go buy, a coupleof times. I felt a heart-clenching sensation in my heart whenever I saw this boy named Dan. He and I worked at the local general market, the one that his mom and pop ran since before he was born. He had light brown hair that shined a bleach blonde during the summers, sea blue eyes, and always a determined aura from him. I don’t think he noticed me very much. I was always either stocking the shelves indoors or behind the counter working the register. He was always out back, loading cargo out of his. "I sprayed. She breathed in deeply."Mmmmm, Mr. Hunter!" Lyla said sounding like pure desire. "You look so yummy!" Ohhh, Daddy."My head jerked to my left. Zoe! She had been in the bathroom too! She was reacting to my spray too!Lyla rubbed her hand over my cock through my pajamas. Zoe slowly kissed all over my neck."Let's fuck," Lyla said."Let's go to his room," said Zoe. "There's a bigger bed."Oh my god! What had I done? Yes, Lyla wanted to fuck me like I hoped but Zoe wanted to also.I could. She couldn't imagine herself performing with all the men like the whore the evening before.Buck stood up abruptly and grasped Jane by the hand. "Let's you and me take a little walk," he said and smiled strongly. "You like these here woods. Let me show ya some of our property, as ya might call it."Then they were walking across the muddied turf of the backyard, moving on past the stone house and the clump of trees. The alcohol had had some effect on her balance and once her hips swayed toward him.

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