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"What did you see? Where are they? Talk to me boy NOW!" She screamed into his face, her face flushed, her eyes bulging out as her breathing came in, her nostrils flaring, her eyes boring into him."I don't know mother, I just walked back in here, I had to use the toilet" he whispered.Grabbing him painfully by the shoulders, she slapped him hard across the face "Find them, you little bastard, find them now or I will personally cut your balls off".Running out into the night, he started. The day passed uneventfully and she didn't even think about their escape. After all, until she knew whether Elsa could obtain the necessary uniforms, she didn't really know how they would do it.One night, she sat alone in her apartment, listening to the radio. A young man had been shot dead trying to escape to the west in Berlin. The newsreader reported a spokesman as saying he was a traitor to the state and all such attempts to defect would be treated as treason.Erika shuddered but they could. That's when I saw his monster cock. I knew then why she invited him tonight. I have always been turned on my seeing another man fuck her, but seeing his cock made me hard. I loved the contrast of his dark skin compared to my wife's very pale skin. I loved hearing her moans and screams with every thrust. I loved seeing how turned on she gets hearing him call her a whore and slut. It was one of the longest sessions she's had in a long time and was totally exhausted by the time he came. . He didn’t even have a beer belly, or much in the way of love handles. She would just climb on top of him and ride him like a rodeo bronc, he knew. He realized that in his mind he’d already accepted it. If that’s what she really wanted...That gave him some thought, though. Did she want this just for his father, or did she want some of it for herself, too? Was she wondering, after fucking him, what it would be like to fuck somebody else? And so what if she was, he thought ... he’d wondered what.

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