Within a few seconds his weapon of destruction became hard again. I realized I was now performing an oral act upon him. This was something I had never...done for Tom, who had said ‘you’re my woman, not my slave’After a few minutes of sucking Massa’s manhood he exploded into my mouth. It tasted horrible, but when he asked me, ‘did you enjoy that wench?’ I answered, ‘yes Massa, thank you Massa.’On his instruction I pulled up his trousers and belted them. He yelled out, ‘boy! In here now!’ Tom. Neha- Hello SirMe- HelloNeha- I want to explore BDSM Me-Ur ASL?(age,sex,live in)Neha-I am from Pune,37, femaleMe-Ok, what you know about BDSMNeha-I am new sirMe-Ok can u handle painNeha-Yes Sir I think soMe-Ok you have to submit your mind and body totally to meNeha-ok sirMe-from onwards I am your maalikNeha- Ji sirMe-Madarchod tujhe Marathi aati HainNeha – Ho maalikMe-Thike chinal tujhya aaichi pucchi Tula ata purn zavadi slave Karun taakto tujhi gaandach fadtoNeha-maalak aikunch gaand fattey. After looking at maps I was pretty sure I remembered where it had been and convinced Mike that we should hike out to there and sleep out by the lake. Mike was as keen on the trip as I was, but I didn’t think he had all the same reasons for the trip that I did….I had known Mike since we were both small, he lived a few doors down from my family. He was in the same class as me through school but was one of the youngest in our year, so was a good number of months younger than me. He was a few. The archway was exactly what I had in mind, Fort Dean in big letters at the top of the arch that spanned the new roadway. The JBG security logo was on the left side, on the right was Cameron Parish, Louisiana - Southern and Central American command and training center.Past the arch the road split with an armed guard shack in the middle and the one arm barrier controlled by the guards. Past the barrier were a double row of vicious tire spikes that were close enough that even a motorcycle could.

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